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FéLaun Sneed

FéLaun Sneed - Staff Accountant

FéLaun Sneed joined J.S. Richter, Ltd. in 2021 as a payroll specialist, focusing on multi-state payroll processing for both foreign and domestic employees, meticulous reporting and data analysis, and conducting worker compensation audits for numerous clients.

In 2022, FéLaun transitioned to the Client Accounting & Advisory Services (CAS) division as a staff accountant, where she promptly obtained her QuickBooks® Online certification. In this dynamic role, she diligently collects, analyzes, researches, documents, interprets, audits and reports financial data for J.S. Richter, Ltd. In addition, she prepares financial statements, provides valuable assistance during annual audits and completes monthly and quarterly reporting tasks. She also prepares and files Sales and Use tax returns for a diverse array of clients.

FéLaun earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting from Illinois State University. Post-graduation, she flourished as a staff accountant for the Illinois Housing Development Authority, where she honed her expertise in nonprofit finance, local politics and government relations.

With over a decade of comprehensive financial experience across various industries, such as financial services, governmental entities, property management and hospitality, FéLaun brings a wealth of knowledge and proficiency to her role.

A Chicago native, FéLaun relishes summers by the lakefront, indulging in boating adventures and exploring the vibrant local cuisine scene. Additionally, she possesses a profound passion for film and the arts, showcasing her talents as a professional actress in print, film and television productions within the Chicagoland and New York markets.

Outside of her professional pursuits, FéLaun cherishes life’s precious moments, enjoying quality time with friends and family. She values the opportunity to form meaningful connections with like-minded individuals and is dedicated to mentoring adolescent women of color, fostering their growth and empowerment. An easy-going dreamer at heart, FéLaun embraces life with a contagious zest for living!