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Jacqueline E. Renowden - Executive Assistant

Jacqueline joined the firm in 2014 as a new member of the administrative team. She assists with audit confirmations, tax return processing, financial statement proofing and occasional translations. Jacqueline was born and raised in Switzerland, where she completed an apprenticeship in certified book trading and sales. She subsequently worked at a bookstore that specialized in law literature. Upon moving to the U.S., she went back to school to earn a bachelor’s degree in English from the School for New Learning at DePaul University, then a master’s degree in English, also at DePaul. She has since acquired an essential skills certificate from the American Medical Writers Association.

Jacqueline taught freshman composition at Benedictine University for two semesters. When her two daughters came along, she took time off to stay home with them. As they became more independent, she picked up freelance projects for a translation agency in Switzerland. Using her multi-lingual skills, she began to work for the Regional Director of the Americas of Switzerland Trade & Investment Promotion in 2009, which gave her a first glimpse into the complex cross-cultural aspects of trans-Atlantic business.

In her free time, Jacqueline likes to explore her new home state of Wisconsin. She enjoys hiking throughout her adopted country and among the mountains of her youth. She also takes a special interest in architecture, layout and design and folk music from around the world.